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edwinas thursday Once again, here we are buzzing about another wonderful bee product. As you know, we here at The Amazing Blog are passionate about bringing awareness to a growing issue in the UK; our native bee population is on the decline and that can be detrimental to our future generations. Therefore, we are always excited to bring to you products that are made with bees in mind that give your skin that sweet, honey love. b2 Performance Skinwear is a British company that merges Buddhist inspired apothecary with scientific research using ingredients from ‘Earth, Sea and Bee’ realms all the while  staying paraben and toxin-free.

We were lucky to try the b2 Sknrg Enzyme Daily Essentials Trio Mid Kit and this wonderful kit includes three products: AHA & Enzyme Cleansing Melt, Enzyme & AHA Toner and M+Collagen Day Cream. The treatment has anti-wrinkle properties as well as helps reduce skin irregularities (like scarring, pigmentation and pore size) and can improve skin tone and texture without leaving your skin dry. Whether you are trying to minimise wrinkles or prevent them, the treatment works well at renewing your skin to give it a youthful and healthy appearance.

The creators of the b2 line, husband and wife duo, Robert and Deborah Scott along with their team of researchers created this product with all natural and organic ingredients such as antioxidant packed seaweed, fruit enzymes, Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHA). In order to ensure that their ingredients remain as organic and toxin-free, b2 follow organic farming standards when cultivating the plant extracts used in their products. The bee ingredients they use include seasoned honey, pollen and beeswax.  These ingredients are cultivated from the b2 apiaries housing various bees, but most importantly our native black honeybee.  b2  Sknrg  Enzyme  Daily  Essentials  Trio  Mid Kit is available here  for £39.50. Why not have your skin ‘bee’  its very best and have all your friends buzzing about how you did it!

Ark Skincare for Defence and Protection

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It’s no secret that we at The Amazing Blog are fans of Ark SkincareOne or other of us has a pot or two on the go at any one time. Plus not forgetting to mention that their flagship salon is based nearby our office. So I in particular was excited to receive their new Regenerating Skin Defence and SPF 30 Primer, which work very neatly together or separately to fit with your regular skincare regime.

I’ll start with The Ark Regenerating Skin Defence available here – this is suitable for all skin types and is designed to protect and nourish the skin. It is a great daily moisturiser particularly for those of us who are city dwellers, as this product is designed to defend the skin against pollution, environmental and lifestyle pressures. We love the texture and smell. It comprises of advanced plant stem-cell technology which helps to repair and the regenerate skin cells. Ingredients include stem cells of Alpine Rose, Camelina Oil, Natural Vitamin C and that all important Hyaluronic Acid.  You can get your bottle for £42,  for 50ml that will last and last…

 We’re also impressed with The Ark SPF 30 Primer, which can be found hereThis is a product that has been four years in the making, the new ARK SPF30 Primer is clinically tested and contains an advanced formulation fusing skincare and SPF to protect skin from sun damage and pollution, while enhancing its appearance and texture. Again it is suitable for all skin types and it not only delivers protection like the Regenerating Skin Defence, but also works as a fabulous primer giving the skin a silky feel and a wonderfully luminous velvet finish. Key natural ingredients include Vitamin E, Shea Butter, Jojoba, Mimosa and Sunflower. The primer is available for £36, for 50 ml – we consider this an essential.

 I personally vary using them together and apart. Great products that my skin loves – what more can I say?


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foreo blogIf there is a beauty field that the team at The Amazing Blog is obsessed with is skincare. Ignore other beauty bits -just for now- because most of us here, hide (and treasure) a whole ‘skincare wardrobe’ inside our bathroom cabinets. Needless to say, the day 2 FOREO Lunas arrived through our door, we were simply over the moon. After hearing so much about FOREO’s offering, and having read The Beauty Shortlist’s feature, we couldn’t wait to give these cute devices a go. And they certainly performed as well as expected.

FOREO offers a completely new approach to skincare with their Luna devices’ design. The Luna’s cleansing action resides in the T-Sonic pulsations that are channelled across the skin’s surface through a unique brush surface of super soft silicone short bristles. The combination of the bristles and the vibration delivers a thorough yet incredibly gentle cleanse. From what we’ve experienced, cream cleansers work best with the Luna, the texture is less sticky than a balm’s and have more slip to it.

The Luna also features an anti-aging surface on the reverse side. This side is meant to be used after the cleansing to give the skin a nice massage, that according to the brand will make the signs of aging less visible. The one thing that makes the FOREO Luna stand-out from the rest of the cleansing devices in the market, is that it is 100% waterproof; making it perfect to use in the shower.

Have we seen an improvement on our skins? Yes. Do our serums and oils absorb quicker? Yes. Does our skin look brighter? Yes. FOREO Luna ticks all the boxes for us: it’s effective and the most gentle cleansing device out there in our eyes.

FOREO offers the Luna for women and men, both ranges include the following types: Luna Mini, Luna (for ultra-sensitive, sensitive/normal or combination skin) and Luna Luxe (Luna Gold and Luna Platinum for Men).

The Luna Mini is £99, the Luna in £145 and The Luna Luxe start from £5,000. You can get hold of these Swedish wonders on FOREO’s website and Selfridges. Steep prices, but if you’re looking for an extra step to achieve perfectly cleansed skin, FOREO has you covered!

Borealis Organic Skincare

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blog imageWith the core principle of letting ‘nature nurture your skin’, the Borealis Organic Skincare range is a popular choice for The Amazing Blog girls. Originating in the Isle of Skye over 20 years ago, the brand has journeyed a long way and now offer plenty of lovely and natural skincare products. We have been trying out the Palmarosa Exfoliating Facial Scrub, Wild Rose Night Cream and the Cranberry & Q10 Eye Repair Cream.

The Palmarosa Exfoliating Facial Scrub is suitable for both men and women which will make a great addition to the bathroom for all to enjoy. Borealis enjoy every part of making their products and create them in small batches to ensure the best possible care goes into their manufacturing. Everything they make is hand blended, including this Beauty Award winning Scrub. In 2012 it was winner of the Green Parent Natural Beauty Awards. At £18.50 I also think its really great value for money because it’s suitable for all skin types so can be shared in the family bathroom to help cleanse and revitalise everyone’s skin. There is Safflower Oil and Omega 6 & 3 to provide nourishment and protection for even the most delicate of skin. This unique inclusion of softening ingredients mean the scrub can be used be those of us with sensitive skin, which I have. I often avoid scrubs because they will leave me with blemishes and irritated skin because of the harsh texture. This scrub was far less aggravating but still felt like it was clearing my pores and removing any dead skin cells. The Ylang Ylang adds an exotic fragrance making the scrub pleasant to experience even after you have washed it off. You can purchase it here.

The Wild Rose Night Cream is another organic addition to the collection which has multiple benefits for the skin, working through the night to clear up imperfections and any damaged patches. The Organic Rose Water can help to reduce inflammation, redness or itching. This is a really great calming product for anyone who has sensitive skin that can become inflamed after washing. The ingredients also mean it’s effective in treating thread veins and wrinkled skin.  The infusion of Rose Maroc adds a wonderful protective element to the cream so you’re in good hands all night. It also smells lovely. This cream is £16.50 and can be found here.
We have also been trying out the Cranberry & Q10 Eye Repair Cream. This luxury eye cream is beautifully light and easy to blend into your skin. It’s filled with anti-oxidants and Q10 to minimise the effect of aging which can start to show around the eyes. The ingredients are all soft, as with the scrub, so it won’t irritate the sensitive skin we all have around our eyes. This is a comforting, hand blended cream with effective and fast results. The Vitamin E and Q10 in the formula help to minimise fine lines and keep you looking young and fresh! It’s not a heavy cream so it doesn’t sit with a dewy texture on top of your skin. It is £25.00 and can be found on their website.





Love Your Skin

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Blog image

Our skincare regime can change on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. It’s totally dependent on what our skin is doing at any given time and of course the ever changeable British weather. At The Amazing Blog  we all have varying skin types and therefore very different beauty routines.  However, there is one skincare range that we all agree on and that is the Love Your Skin products. They have been a great addition to all of our skincare regimes. There are a plethora of cleansers, toners, lotions, serums, and gels, so what more could one possibly ask for?

Their facial range includes: Cleanse & Smooth Exfoliating Wash, Complete Cleansing Creme Lotion, Complete Cleansing Water, Floral Hydrating Spritzer, Intensive Hydra Gel Moisturiser, and a variety of Treatment Serums. One of my favourite products in this collection is the Floral Hydrating Spritzer, it’s a great way to freshen up and give your skin a bit of a boost especially if it’s taken its toll with all the recent seasonal partying. This spritz really has helped to balance and freshen up my complexion. A delicate combination of ingredients (Rose and Aloe Vera) are used to create this spritz, including Frankincense and Myrrh (er sadly no gold!) All at a reasonable £19.99 for 100ml.  This is currently my everyday handbag staple.  The Complete Cleansing Water  is another favourite with The Amazing Blog team. It’s a great way to remove  makeup without agitating your skin. It’s oil free, making it suitable for all skin types. This is also good for the other members of the team as they tend to have more oily skin types, so an oil free product for them is always a positive. There are calming anti-oxidants in the water in the form of Linden Blossom and Green Tea. The girls just added a small amount to a cotton pad and gently wiped away their foundation and eye makeup. They loved it as they were left with a moisturised and beautifully cleansed face. This is definitely a very gentle way to remove your makeup, we like the ingredients and also the price £22.99 for 200ml. The serums are worth having a look at too, as there are plenty to choose from and each one is packed with different ingredients depending on the what skin imperfections you are targeting.

The Body Skincare products for Love Your Skin comprise of two main types the Arnica and the Collagen ranges. There are the Arnica and the Collagen Body Moisturising Gels, as well as the Collagen and the Arnica Bath & Shower Gels. The Arnica Montana plant (found in the Arnica range) has been used for centuries in topical application for healing the skin, it is one of the most popular homeopathic remedies in Britain for soothing wounds and bruising. Therefore no surprise as to why Love Your Skin includes it in almost all of their bodycare products. All the gels are a very light and non-greasy and don’t have the same density as some other gels have. We like the fact that the gels get absorbed quickly, are not overpowering with their fragrance and are very easy to apply. They have excellent skin calming qualities so brilliant for any aches or pains that you might have. I found the Arnica Duo Set a great combination especially for using after a hard session at the gym.

The prices vary but you can find all them and further ingredient information here. There are so many lovely products to explore and lots of sets to make great presents, it’s only a month away until Valentines Day so maybe start scheduling in some heavy hints now…?







De La Baie Skincare

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De La Baie skincare uses arctic berries and natural extracts to create a powerful youth prolonging collection of beauty products. The Amazing Blog girls often favour natural products as the chemical additions to many high street brands don’t seem as inviting. We have been experimenting with a selection of products, including a Lavender Foot Scrub, Body Cream, Foot Balm, Alpine Body Scrub, Intensive Face Cream and Sea Buckthorn Face Wash.

Two of my favourite products from the collection are the Lavender Foot Scrub and the Super Performance Foot Balm. I recently moved from Somerset to London so have been getting used to the different water. I find the water is much harsher on my skin in London, which means it has been quite dry in places and particularly on the heel of my feet. These two De La Baie feet products compliment one another to ensure that you both remove the dry skin with the scrub, but also massage and moisturise the new skin to prevent damage coming back. You can probably imagine how wonderful the lavender scrub smells, it’s literally entirely lavender scent wise, and there is no lingering smell of extra ingredients. The thick foot balm doesn’t smell as attractive but the texture and effect makes the clay-like smell insignificant. It soothes the skin and works overnight to keep moisture levels high. Both these are £17 and found here.

For the face, De La Baie has a plentiful selection of face washes, serums and creams. To begin your skincare routine, there are different face wash options, one I like is the Rose Gel Face Wash, as anything rose always smells great. This gel makes me crave Turkish delight as it smells very similar. It has a great scent and may be more favourable than the Sea Buckthorn & Oat face wash in the collection. Texture wise, it’s a bit sticky but you wash it off anyway so that’s not a problem. Follow this wash with either the Revitalising Face Serum or the Intensive Face Cream to hydrate and help any skin imperfections. The scent of both are not particularly inviting but this is because the ingredients included are entirely focused on skin correction and presenting as many benefits as possible, rather than adding fruity ingredients with no purpose other than smelling good. They both blend into the skin well. The cream is rich and effective, combating insecurities. I use the serum on parts of my face prone to blemishes, and it helps to calm it down and even out the skin tone. The prices vary and can be browsed here.

Their body products include the Alpine Body Scrub and Rich Replenishing Body Cream. I really like the alpine scrub as the texture is incredibly coarse so it works like sand paper and really gets rid of any dry skin. It has more of a refreshing smell and makes me think of being by the sea. It is almost like rubbing salt into your skin, whilst being sat by the sea, and we all know how great we feel after we’ve been in the sea and the water has completely cleansed our skin. The Body Cream has a daffodil fragrance to it, as is in between concentrations, not too thick but not too damp either! Waking up after using this in the evening left my skin feeling very soft and smelling lovely, however it took a bit of time in the evening to soak in so I was lying without moving for a while.

Overall, the variety of products means that there is something for everyone. A lot of the smells are quite unique and interesting so might be suited to more adventurous skincare users. You can view the range here.

Inner Soul Organics

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When The Amazing Blog girls came across Inner Soul Organics about 6 months ago, we were impressed by the Romance Me Oil and admired the enthusiasm that went into the product and brand through its creator Emma Coleman. Our previous post can be read here so take a look, a great present this Christmas. We were then excited to try out Emma’s Bespoke Facial Oil because of its unique tailoring to your individual skin type, making sure it’s the most beneficial product it can be for you. The brand values match up to the wonderful product as they also donate £1 to the Katie Piper Foundation.

Emma Coleman has devoted her passion for aromatherapy and essential oils to formulating a beautiful selection of bespoke oils designed just for you. Everything about the brand is natural and organic. The products are packed with vitamins specifically chosen to repair and moisturise your skin. Made in London, this oil uses the finest flower and fruit extracts to target imperfections of individual skin tones. So for example, I have oily skin, so would go to Emma where she will analyse my skin and then prepare a product ideal for me and everything that causes blemishes or breakouts. There are so many skincare products out there, but there are also many different types of skin which means most products are never exactly right for you. This method is far more accurate and likely to really have positive effect on your face.  Emma has designed bespoke oils to help tackle excess oil, Eczema, dry skin, stressed skin, flaky scalp, acne and acne scarring. You can fill in a questionnaire about your skin online and Emma will use this information and make your oil before dispatching it out to you. The price for the advice and tailored oil is £95. This might seem expensive but for what you get it’s actually a brilliant offer. The service and product is similarly priced to a facial at a spa, which only lasts an hour or so. You can keep this bottle with you as long as possible because the product amount you need is minimal.

We really do admire this brand and the beautiful smells and diversity in oils Emma can produce. The fruits and flower scents blended creates an array of smells which resemble all the great smells we find in the British countryside. If you would like to get advice on your skin and an oil made just for you then visit the website here.


A Guilt-Free Chocolate Beauty Routine

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LUSH Blog image

Although bathing in actual chocolate does sound quite inviting, it’s probably not great to do that to our skin and waistlines everyday. The Amazing Blog has found the next best thing to satisfy our chocolate needs, and that is Lush cosmetics chocolate range. Yes, all of these products are real skincare products and have actual benefits, whilst looking and smelling like our favourite sweet treat at the same time. Perfect! We tried the Soft Coeur Massage Bar, Cupcake Face Mask, and the Chocolate Whip Stick Lip Balm.

The Soft Coeur Massage Bar smelt heavenly. The shape of the bar makes it look lovely in the bathroom, we all love a good heart shaped gift. The shape also makes it a great present for the other half (hint). The core of the massage bar is soft and melts as you use it. As you get nearer to the centre, a chocolate and honey liquid oozes out and works with the shower or bath water to cleanse and moisturise your skin. It’s ideal if you need to unwind after a long day as I genuinely found my body relaxed and wasn’t too tense from stress after my bath. The cocoa butter, shea butter and almond oil infuse together to create a lovely massage bar with lots of benefits for your skin.

The cocoa powder used in the Cupcake facemask is also a product of the cocoa bean. This is combined with deep cleansing Rhassoul mud to absorb unwanted oil which can cause bad skin such as spot break outs.  I must admit, it was tempting to forget this mask was actually skincare and not a tub of melted chocolate, it smells like it would taste great. It’s probably best to avoid getting this mask in your hair so make sure it’s scraped back before applying. I used a fairly generous amount but didn’t ‘cake’ my face in it. As I was washing it off I could feel my pores were much cleaner so I felt less guilty adding moisturiser to my skin later on as it wasn’t already oily. It’s useful having the mask in a pot because it means less mess in between uses.

The Lush chocolate range has also created the Whip Stick Chocolate Lip Balm to give us a taste of sweetness with fewer calories. This balm contains dark chocolate and as we all know this is the most beneficial chocolate to consume, but it also has many skin improving qualities. To seal in all the natural moisture we have in our lips, Lush have used almond oil, shea butter, and oatmilk. The new formula is also completely free of preservatives, it just gets better… Applying this lip balm is no different from any other, but has many more benefits and fewer chemicals than lots of high street balms. It left my lips feeling soft and hydrated which is exactly what I needed in this weather.

All the products can be bought in store or online here. The Soft Coeur Massage Bar is £4.75 per 30g, the Cupcake Face Mask is £5.95 per 75g, and the Whip Stick is £5.75 per 8g.

Eve Taylor Rescue & Repair Moisturiser

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The Amazing Blog girls are always looking to find new, vitamin rich products to moisturise our skin. Healthy and natural skin care tends to be far more inviting to us than products filled with chemicals which might not be so kind to our skin. The Eve Taylor Rescue and Repair Moisturiser was an obvious choice for us as it prides itself on its rejuvenating and natural ingredients.

As we get older or as the weather gets colder, our insecurities increase because both have effects on our skin. These worries may come in the form of wrinkles, dry skin, dark circles, and so on, it happens to all. We can’t prevent lots of these from happening but there are ways to slow it down a bit and boost our confidence whilst we are at it, like this moisturiser. It aims to rejuvenate the skin, protecting it along the way from signs of ageing, sun exposure, stress and the environment. With so many benefits, there’s nothing to fuss about with this smart little moisturiser. The size makes it very handy to have as a handbag accessory during the wintery season we are experiencing.

This moisturiser is quite rich, sinking into the skin well and not leaving that layer of greasy liquid some products can have, which also means it doesn’t clog up your pores. Application wise, it’s fabulously easy. I always prefer pump lids for my moisturisers as you don’t want to be fiddling with a screw cap whilst your hands are all slimey. The pump just makes things a little less stressful during your morning or bath time routine. If you have a preference for aromatherapy products then this will be great for you. It’s very natural and full of goodness, and also smells lovely. It gives your skin a little boost of liveliness then I would recommend adding this to your regime. The range is affordable too, so if you’re experimenting with moisturisers, trying to find one which suits you then this is definitely worth trying.

If you want to try out this hydrating and vitamin packed moisturiser then you can buy it from here. There are plenty of products to compliment it too so have a browse. The products is only £13.69 which makes it even better.


Black Chicken Body Oil

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NEW blog imageThe Amazing Blog girls are always experimenting with different oils to see which are best for our skin. Adding oil into your daily regime can really help to hydrate and moisturise your face and body, even if you have naturally oily skin it’s important to get a good balance. The Black Chicken Body Oil is an efficient little product filled with a combination of skin boosting ingredients such as Avocado Oil and Ylang Ylang.

This oil has been working wonders, it is especially beneficial at this time of the year as such cold weather can have detrimental effects on our skin.  We haven’t quite acclimatised yet so are experiencing some dry and cracked skin. The smell doesn’t make it favourable to a particular sex so it’s the perfect oil to have in the bathroom for both him and her to use after a shower. The avocado oil targets dry patches to encourage moisture to build up and relieve any skin causing discomfort.  The Rosehip Oil helps tissue regeneration so if you have recently suffered from a burn, scar or stretch marks then it’s just the thing to help tone and tighten that skin so it starts to revert back to its normal self. I recently moved from Somerset to London and found the harsh water difference really dried out my skin, but oil is the perfect remedy to soften it again.

This award-winning oil is a great buy if you’re looking to treat yourself and give your body a little extra TLC. You can apply Black Chicken Oil daily and the good thing about oil is that it tends to go a long way so the bottle will last you. Black Chicken is an ancient crone and it is said that she was admired for her healing powers. People would visit her for centuries, telling her their problems and pains and then she would bring them peace and comfort if they had good hearts. These stories and concepts of Black Chicken all link to health and healing which is where the brand name was derived as the same intentions are entwined. It’s an all round product which helps to calm different issues using essential oils.

The oil is stocked in two places in the UK, you can find it here and here. Although it’s £45 for 100ml, it will stay with you for a long time and work well as a moisturiser too.

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