Baylis & Harding – Great Body Range

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Here at The Amazing Blog we love new and exciting skincare products, so when Baylis & Harding sent us their new Great Body range, we couldn’t wait to try it out!

Baylis & Harding’s new 5 step Great Body products encompass all the steps of the shower routine, to leave you smooth, silky and smelling amazing! A different look for Baylis & Harding, the 5 step products show they really do mean business, and don’t just smell gorgeous. The first step is the Great Body in-shower Body Polish with coconut oil, geranium and vitamin B. Simply scrub all over to remove any dead cells and other impurities whilst brightening and scenting the skin. Secondly, the Body Wash with glycerin acts as an ultra moisturiser for the skin, locking in moisture and keeping skin smooth. The elderflower and meadowsweet extracts give the product a sweet, summery smell which I found lingered for hours. The third step is the Body Lotion, which has the exciting new Tego Smooth 48 hr moisturiser, which contains active ingredients which when coupled with the amino acids, ensures maximum moisture retention, leaving skin unbelievably soft. The penultimate step in the process is the Firming Cream which uses a blend of herbal actives from India to firm and sculpt the skin. Now we’re nearly there! Finally, the Body Mist adds the finishing touch to the process. It contains elderflower to soothe and meadowsweet just like the second step which ties all the steps together whilst cooling the skin, leaving you feeling cleansed, soft and delicious!

All together, it may seem like a long process, but once a week, on a Sunday night for example, it will leave you feeling silky smooth and refreshed for the coming week! I received many compliments on the smell that the products left, priced at only £6 each, it’s a small price to pay, so treat yourself. All the Baylis & Hardings products featured above  are available through the Amazon website here.

Friday Favourites – Sun Products with SPF

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With yet another unpredictable English summer upon us, here at The Amazing Blog we were anxious to find something to protect our skin from the sun, should it choose to come out! So, we decided to give some of the newest and most exciting products with SPF on the market a test run.


First off was the Green People Sun Lotion. A Beauty Bible award winner for ultimate natural product, Green People never use no harsh chemicals (82% of ingredients are organic) and 10 per cent of profit is donated to the Marine Conservation Society charity, making them an ethical role model.  Although it only has a 25 SPF factor and a medium coverage rating, it is designed to be kind to sensitive skin, so could be perfect for olive skin individuals who still suffer from sensitivity from time to time, like myself. This product is an environmental triumph, as well as being good to skin. At only £18.95 from the Green People website, it’s a reasonable price compared to some alternatives and does a whole lot of good at the same time.

Another unique product we tried was The Sun Mousse. A unique brand, they have products for both adults and children. We sampled the 30 SPF, 6 hour protection, water resistant product and were amazed. I was originally apprehensive about how much to use but the mousse comes out moderately slowly so don’t panic about explosions of fast foaming mousse! It rubs in quickly and feels so light on the skin; the oily thick feel that most creams have is a thing of the past.  So the fact that The Sun Mousse, goes on quickly, easily and without fuss or frills, helps to remove all moaning from small people  desperate to get into the pool or sea. The six hour protection also means children (and adults) can run, jump and play in the sun without worry. If maximum protection is your biggest worry then this mousse is perfect. Easy application, maximum protection. It’s available here, from the Sun Mousse website for £19.99.

For some variation, we also tried the Resultime CC Cream from Collin Paris. CC creams or colour corrector creams are a relatively new concept to the make-up world. They are designed to even out skin pigmentation and leave a flawless finish. Unlike the other products we tried, this CC cream also has anti-aging elements. The vitamin E also helps to improve skin moisture and the SPF 30 rating ensures you’re protected from the sun all day long. The product is light and goes onto the skin beautifully. It comes in two skin shades, natural and golden they blend so well that they are suitable for almost any skin tone. If you’re searching for something lighter than foundation for the summer months this CC cream could be the perfect product. The Resultime CC creams are available here £35.50 each.

We also tried one of the hero products from Murad, Essential C Sun Balm is a stick application sun cream with an SPF of 35. Although this isn’t the maximum protection it still offers adequate cover, as well as hydrating the skin. The roll-on stick nature of the product is definitely its unique selling point. The quality and versatility is demonstrated by its 2013 Shape Sun Award. It makes it super easy to apply, especially to the face, with no worries of using too much or staining clothes like some liquid creams. With extracts of broccoli for UV protection and tangerine butter for moisture as well as being anti-animal testing, Murad’s Essential C Sun Balm ticks all the boxes for the perfect face and neck sun cream. The cream is available here for £19.50.

The final product in our sun feature is the Peter Thomas Roth Instant Mineral SPF 45. This unique product comes in the form of a brush on sun protector for immediate, any time UVA/UVB sun-protection. This product is so versatile, acting as a bronzer/powder concealer as it creates the illusion of smooth radiant skin, whilst also offering a level of sun cream protection. So, if you still keep up your make-up routine on holiday, this touch up powder is perfect. It also helps prevent sunburn, skin damage, freckling and uneven discoloration, leaving you flawless but protected. The Peter Thomas Roth Instant Mineral SPF 45 is available through Salon Skincare here in the UK for £17.60


Oriflame – Ecollogen Foaming Gel Wash & Skin Perfecting Toner

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If paradise had a smell, it would most certainly be Oriflame Ecollagen Foaming Gel Wash and Skin Perfecting Toner. As soon as us girls at The Amazing Blog opened the bottles, it was almost a scuffle! With a light, yet stimulating floral scent, we could not wait to wash our faces with the foaming gel wash and use the skin perfecting toner.

After fighting our way to the loo, good naturedly of course, we were able to try out these great products. The foaming gel wash comes out of the conveniently locking pump in a clear gel and foams up well for the face. When washed off, it leaves your face feeling smooth and refreshed. The toner goes on with a cotton pad and leaves the face feeling further refreshed and soft as feathers. One of the greatest things about this toner was that it did not leave the face feeling dry at all. This is a well balanced skin care duo and the scent alone makes the line worth checking out.

The website for Oriflame offers many different products, but the Ecollagen line specifically can be found here. Both beauty products run for £14.95. Purchase the foaming gel wash here and the skin perfecting toner here.

Yours Truly Cosmetics

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Here at The Amazing Blog, we obviously love beauty products, but we love them even more if they have an inspirational story behind them. Kelita Bignall, the director of Yours Truly Cosmetics devoted her time to learning the science behind skincare to help overcome her own skin problems and after realising the benefits she had, decided to share her secret with the rest of the world.

The range follows a ‘cleanse, tone, repair pattern’, which takes care of every aspect of the skincare regime. Priding itself on being organic yet offering the same results as prescription strength skincare products, Yours Truly are a pleasure to use. The ‘Take it away!’ cleanser is enriched in vitamin C, which gives your skin a citrusy boost whilst the Sandalwood removes impurities without the harshness of some man made, clinical remedies. The cleanser is followed by the ‘Balancing Toner’, which acts as a in between step before moisturising. It’s designed to restore the skins optimal PH using Witch Hazel and Avena Sativa (a common type of oat) to smooth the skin before the moistur. The ‘Face Base Face Balm’ moisturiser, which contains Daisy extracts for a brightening effect and pea extract for improved elasticity, is the last step in the process promised to combat problem skin and create the clear, beautiful skin we all lust for.

They’re also 100% animal cruelty free, if you need another reason to give them a go!

Truly Yours full product range is available here through their website.

Aloe Clear – Roll on gel

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Summer has arrived! And here at The Amazing Blog, we cannot stop thinking about beach wear. When the time comes to get out the bathing suits, we also have to think about those pesky bikini areas and shaving snafus that can abound.

However, rest assured your problems are solved because we have found out about Aloe Clear. This roll on lotion is exactly what the doctor ordered if you have any issues with skin irritation attributed to hair removal. This handy lotion roll on soothes the skin and can stop ingrown hairs within 48 hours. Suitable for use by both men and women, this product can have you bathing suit ready in no time. Aloe vera, menthol piperita oil, and multi-fruit active ingredients calm redness and soothe immediately. The product feels and smells cool and refreshing, and the free travel size bottle that comes with the purchase of the 120ml roll on is perfect to go into our beach totes.

Developed in the UK and saddled with a 100%, 7 day guarantee, this bikini zone product is very nice for those of us who shave on a regular basis. The 120ml bottle is available here for £17.95 and comes with a free travel size bottle!

Pulpe De Vie Tickle Me! Body Scrubbing Butter

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Here at The Amazing Blog, we like to get rid of the dead weight…of dead skin cells that is! Smooth skin is something that we are all on the look out for so that is why when we got our hands on the Pulpe De Vie Tickle Me! Body Scrubbing Butter we were very excited.

This sweet smelling scrubbing butter is made with 99% natural ingredients. We like that the scent of the scrub is not overpowering, but still smells fresh and lightly fruity after it is applied to the skin. It also features amazing organic tomato and blackcurrant waters from the South of France that impart antioxidants into your skin with each use. The apricot kernel powder gently exfoliates and smoothes skin from top to toe, and this certified organic scrub is also safe to use for our sensitive sisters (or brothers) and is free of parabens, silicons, and GMO’s! Simply smooth on wet skin in the shower, let the apricot kernel powder scrub away your dead cells and rinse. After the shower, marvel at your newly soft skin and apply a moisturizing lotion.

Pulpe De Vie Tickle Me! Body Scrubbing Butter is available for purchase through Absolutely Devine  for £14.00 here.

Love Coconut – Extra Virgin Coconut Oil

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Coconut oil is arguably the most versatile product on the market right now. You can use it in beauty treatments, as a hydrator for hair, and as a healthier alternative in recipes. As a self confessed foodie, I like to use it for cooking. So when Love Coconut sent us a couple of jars of their delicious extra virgin coconut oil, we here at The Amazing Blogwere keen to get cooking.

The Extra Virgin Coconut Oil from Love Coconut is 100% organic and insanely healthy. In order to retain the maximum nutritional content, Love Coconut uses the “cold press” method to extract oil from the coconut, which involves separating the coconut oil from the cream after it has solidified, making the coconut oil extremely pure. Love Coconut’s oil is high in lauric acid and other medium chain fatty acids. These acids help you metabolize food faster, strengthen your immune system, and repair dry skin & hair. I started incorporating coconut oil into my diet by switching it for butter and other oils. I particularly like to use it when baking, because a slight hint of coconut can make recipes even tastier! When used on the skin it gives a great glow, without feeling greasy. There are endlless uses for this product, so go pick it up and see what works best for you!

Love Coconut Extra Virgin Coconut Oil is available here at £8.49 for 400ml.

Rouge Bunny Rouge – Impalpable Finishing Powder

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The Amazing Blog are no strangers to Rouge Bunny Rouge.  Having tried a number of their products before , we adore their quality pigments, and long lasting make up. When they sent over their new Diaphanous Impalpable Finishing Powder, we had the highest of hopes. An invisible setting powder that offers a velvety finish, we’ve been powdering to perfection ever since it arrived.

As much as it shouldn’t be a factor, we can’t help but be enticed by the woodland fairy style packaging. Inspired by feys of the forest, both the box and the casing are adorned with all manner of woodland type artistry. However, all style and no substance, this product certainly is not. The very finely milled white powder is a little alarming at first glance, but offers a beautiful finish when applied. Think less 18th Century Marie Antoinette and more soft focus screen siren. The powder buffs onto the skin translucent and sets make-up wonderfully, covering flaws and imperfections in a manner that even a fairy princess would envy. With evermat and silica helping to absorb excess oil, and brightening Actiwhite, it left my skin looking satin smooth and airbrushed all day long. The obvious benefit of such an invisible powder is that it’s a universal product, suitable for all skin types. So whether you’re the fairest of them all, or the darkest ebony, Rouge Bunny Rouge can give you the gift of dream-like skin.

Transform yourself into a velvety vision with the Impalpable Finishing Powder, available here for £32.66.



Lavera – Organic Self-Tanning Face Cream

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blog imageWith such unpredictable weather at the moment, the girls here at The Amazing Blog have been relying on self tanning products, to get that sun-kissed healthy glow. We all have our favourite self-tanning body mousses or lotions, which we have been applying religiously, but searching for a great self-tanning product for the face can be a little trickier. You can’t cover up a streaky face with a kaftan after all. Luckily we have discovered Lavera’s Organic Self -Tanning Face Cream to give our faces an even, bronzed glow.

This vegan friendly lotion is long lasting and moisturises the skin while providing a natural, light tan. With organic ingredients, like high quality macadamia oil and sunflower oil, Lavera is the ideal self-tanning facial cream. Like most self-tanning lotions, when applying it, keep it away from the hair line as well as the eyebrows to prevent colour build up. Also, washing hands immediately after application is a must to avoid staining. Though the tint takes about five hours to develop, the colour lasts for about two weeks. I have found applying Lavera two times a week yields for the most natural and even shade of colour.

Lavera is the ideal product to complete your self-tanning regime, with easy application, getting a naturally golden colour has never been easier.  Purchase Lavera’s Organic Self-Tanning Face Cream for £10.90 here to achieve that sun-kissed summer glow we all long for.

b2 – Sknrg Enzyme Kit

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edwinas thursday Once again, here we are buzzing about another wonderful bee product. As you know, we here at The Amazing Blog are passionate about bringing awareness to a growing issue in the UK; our native bee population is on the decline and that can be detrimental to our future generations. Therefore, we are always excited to bring to you products that are made with bees in mind that give your skin that sweet, honey love. b2 Performance Skinwear is a British company that merges Buddhist inspired apothecary with scientific research using ingredients from ‘Earth, Sea and Bee’ realms all the while  staying paraben and toxin-free.

We were lucky to try the b2 Sknrg Enzyme Daily Essentials Trio Mid Kit and this wonderful kit includes three products: AHA & Enzyme Cleansing Melt, Enzyme & AHA Toner and M+Collagen Day Cream. The treatment has anti-wrinkle properties as well as helps reduce skin irregularities (like scarring, pigmentation and pore size) and can improve skin tone and texture without leaving your skin dry. Whether you are trying to minimise wrinkles or prevent them, the treatment works well at renewing your skin to give it a youthful and healthy appearance.

The creators of the b2 line, husband and wife duo, Robert and Deborah Scott along with their team of researchers created this product with all natural and organic ingredients such as antioxidant packed seaweed, fruit enzymes, Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHA). In order to ensure that their ingredients remain as organic and toxin-free, b2 follow organic farming standards when cultivating the plant extracts used in their products. The bee ingredients they use include seasoned honey, pollen and beeswax.  These ingredients are cultivated from the b2 apiaries housing various bees, but most importantly our native black honeybee.  b2  Sknrg  Enzyme  Daily  Essentials  Trio  Mid Kit is available here  for £39.50. Why not have your skin ‘bee’  its very best and have all your friends buzzing about how you did it!

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