L’Artisan Parfumeur – Explosions D’Emotions

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Here at The Amazing Blog  we appreciate exciting and gorgeous fragrances, new and old. So, when a brand which encompasses all these characteristics comes along, we are all ears. When L’Artisan Parfumeur, a brand with 38 years experience, sent us samples of their Explosions D’Emotions collection we had to give them a try.

We tried three fragrances, Rapelle-Toi, Onde Sensuelle and Haute Voltige. All three were gorgeous, having the perfect mix of flowers, fruits and woods, but we found our personal favourite was Rapelle-Toi.  Rappelle-Toi is a sweet floral fragrance, made up of gardenia, pepper and sandal wood. It’s really special how the gardenia top notes fade to reveal the spicy Sichuan pepper. Normally I’m not a floral, let alone spicy fragrance lover, but these notes, coupled with the bottom note of honey just work perfectly, making it hard not to enjoy over and over again.

Whether you’re looking for something exotic and unique, or just, like me, love trying new scents, L’Artisan Parfumeur Exploions D’Emotions collection has something to appeal to everyone, even if it’s not your normal fragrance style!

Rappelle-Toi, and other L’Artisan Parfumeur is available to buy here. 

L’Artisan Parfumeur Explosions d’Emotions

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L'artisanparfumeur blog image

Here at The Amazing Blog, we have been on a quest for a perfume collection that suits our different tastes, and we have finally found one. L’Artisan Parfumeur, a luxury perfume company from France, has recently unveiled their newest trophy of creations: the Explosions d’Emotions fragrance trio that we were have been trying out.

Explosions d’Emotions is a fragrance collection whose scents will bring about your most instinctual senses and desires. Amour Nocturne is the first scent in the collection, which represents an ‘explosion of love beyond time and place’. It is very sensual, with notes of cedar, caramel, and gunpowder. Spicy, and yet feminine, I think this is a perfect scent for autumn nights. Deliria is the scent that will ‘shake your senses into a delicious blur’. It is sweet, with hints of toffee, apple, and candyfloss broken with the smell of rum. I absolutely adore this scent, it is truly wonderful; you won’t want to stop smelling it. Skin on Skin is the last in the collection, and it is a ‘carnal creation to be used without moderation’.  It has a mix of notes including: iris, saffron, suede, whiskey and lavender. It is quite a musky scent, only for the daring and confident, but lovely nonetheless. Beyond the fragrances themselves is the exquisite packaging, which L’Artisan Parfumeur is unveiling specifically for this collection including embossed boxes and faceted glass flacons. They have collaborated with the famous perfume crafter Bertrand Duchafour in the making of this collection.

It is very true that sex sells, and L’Artisan Parfumeur have not ignored this fact with the Explosions d’Emotions collection. You will be very enticed by each of these scents, and they make a wonderful trio. The collection is available for £135 each from the L’Artisan Parfumeur website and any of their boutiques.

Le Soft Perfume

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Image of Le Soft Perfume

Here at The Amazing Blog we are all big perfume lovers and we are always adding new fragrances to our wish lists. All of us had tried out the typical sprays and roller ball applicators, but when we heard about Le Soft Perfume and their solid perfume stick collection, Le Petit Fou, we simply had to give one a go.

Le Soft Perfume is designed to be the perfect on-the-go perfume. It is a roll-up stick, which consists of a balm formula infused with fragrance. We chose to try out ‘Nemamiah’, which has a soft, citrus and bergamot scent. First of all, the packaging is lovely, it features a little cherub on the container. Each fragrance has a different patterned packaging so we think these would look great on display.

I found applying the perfume wonderful because it is soft and the formula really moisturises the skin. Le soft Perfume suggests that you can put the fragrance anywhere on your body that you like, from your neck to the back of your knees. ‘Nemamiah’ is a very feminine perfume, the scent is citrus based and very sophisticated and womanly. I really love it, and think it would work well for both the warmer and cooler months; day and evening wear. The packaging and formula of the product makes it the perfect travel companion, as you can even take it on a plane and it is not a fragile glass bottle!

Le Soft Perfume,‘Le Petit Fou’, is available in a huge variety of scents, from sweet and light to spicy and dark. If you want to get your hands on one (or a few) of these great solid perfumes, visit the Cult Beauty website, where you can purchase them for £19 each.

Vaara by Penhaligon’s

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While we love young and innovative new brands here at The Amazing Blog, we know that sometimes heritage means a lot more. We are firm fans of Penhaligon’s, a London perfume house that has been around since 1870, creating beautiful fragrances. Their scents are timeless and very unique. Recently, their new fragrance, Vaara, was launched to the public, and we just had to try it out here at The Amazing Blog.

Vaara is a fragrance designed for and inspired by royalty. His Highness Gaj Singh II of the Royal House of Marwar-Jodhpur had a passion to create something that showed his love for Jodhpur in Rajasthan, and commemorate the birth of his granddaughter Vaara. Bertand Duchaufour, of Penhaligon’s, took a trip to Jodhpur to experience the place for himself, and capture the spirit of India so he could transform it into a fragrance. It is a very captivating scent consisting of a blend of Rosewater, Freesia and Peony. Overall, it is very floral, with hints of coriander seeds and sandalwood. It is a complicated scent, very sweet, but with a hint of spice. I found it quite sultry, and thought it would be the perfect fragrance for an evening out.

Penhaligon’s has some of the most iconic perfumes available in London, if not the world. Vaara is a classic scent inspired by royalty that is sure to delight the noses of many. This will make a perfect addition to any collection of perfumes, and if you are looking for an exotic new scent, this will take you on an Indian getaway. To learn more about Vaara, visit the Penhaligon’s website, where you can purchase it at £120 for 100ml.

Bohemian Naturals Perfumes

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Many of us dream of travelling to exotic places but unfortunately a lot of us can find it hard to get away from our busy schedules and take time out to travel. But while we may be in the office, we can indulge in a beautiful fragrance to remind us of tropical shores. A fragrance can whisk you off into the wilderness of the woods or bring you into a serene rose garden. Wherever you’d like to go, there is a scent that can help take you there. When we heard about Bohemian Naturals here at The Amazing Blog, we were so pleased that their fragrances are as equally inspired by travel as our daydreams are.

Bohemian Naturals perfumes are inspired by ‘the evocative relationship between world travel, global culture, and universal romance’. They have crafted three different fragrances that have essences of the flora that is present in exotic locations, so that your mind and heart can wander while your feet stay planted on the ground.

Indian Davana was the first fragrance that we tried, and I absolutely loved it. It begins a bit spicy, but transforms into a lovely and sultry floral scent. There is a presence of Patchouli as well as Amber and Grapefruit. It is tranquil and yet mesmerising, and it would be the  perfect scent for spring and summer days.

Thai Sunshine was the next scent that we tested, and it is just as sunny and warm as you might imagine. Lemongrass and Lime are present, as well as Cedar and Ginger. It is a very herbal scent,  and you will just want to bathe in this fragrance it is that lovely! Last, but not least is Amber Rose, which was the majority favourite here at The Amazing Blog. It is warm and inviting, as well as being incredibly sensual. Amber is obviously the top note, followed by Rose and Bergamot. This scent will suit many people, and it is perfect for the chilly months.

One more wonderful thing about the Bohemian Naturals fragrances is that they are all natural. No synthetic ingredients are in their products, and they are produced in small batches, so each one is made with care. If you are interested in getting your hands on these great fragrances, visit the Bohemian Naturals website. If you purchase a fragrance now, you can enter the code “AMAZ” at the checkout to receive 10% off and a free sample.

The Bluebeard’s Revenge Aftershave Cologne

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Bluebeard image

For us men, shaving is possibly one of our least favourite tasks, so we are always on the lookout for new male grooming products to spice up this dull ritual. When we heard about The Bluebeard’s Revenge Aftershave Cologne here at The Amazing Blog, needless to say we jumped at the chance to try it. The Bluebeard’s Revenge is a gentleman’s grooming company inspired by the manliest of all men: pirates! Their slogan boldly declares that their products are for ‘Real Men Only’, and they take great care in making sure that their products have the best ingredients for your skin.

The aftershave cologne has really cool packaging that definitely bought out the inner child in us. It is a glass bottle emblazoned with The Bluebeard’s Revenge logo which is of course, a skull and crossbones, so you really are applying a special pirate formula, OOOH ARRGHH!

The cologne itself is a brilliant blue, which reminds us of refreshing Caribbean waters. The scent starts off very crisp, which is perfect for post shaving. Bergamot and Basil are the highlights, then it moves into a very classic fragrance; Black Tea and Watermint. Last, but not least, you get a hint of Vanilla and Sandalwood, perfect for keeping things spicy throughout the day. All in all, it is a very classic and masculine scent, perfect for the modern man. It feels wonderful as an aftershave as well, and is very soothing, which is a plus since you will be splashing it on those tender areas. We loved that the bottle has an authentic splash on applicator because it is very different from the sprays you see nowadays.

Beyond the aftershave, The Bluebeard’s Revenge has created a wonderful range of shaving and grooming products perfect for any modern man. Some of their products are paraben free as well, which is something we lookout for.

If you are interested in purchasing The Bluebeard’s Revenge Aftershave Cologne, it retails for £19.99 on their website. What’s more, The Bluebeard’s Revenge are offering you our readers a very special  20% exclusive discount until 31st October  2013 please quote AMAZING20 at the check out on The Bluebeard’s Revenge Online Store.

The Karen Gilbert Perfumery Masterclass

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It probably comes as no surprise that we absolutely love perfume here at The Amazing Blog. Everyone has their ‘signature scents’ and favourite fragrance notes. I love to have a variety of perfumes so that I can switch from day to night and summer to winter. But have you ever wondered how perfumes are created and what goes into them? We have found the most wonderful events that can answer all of our fragrance related questions. Karen Gilbert is an author and natural beauty expert who offers perfumery classes and workshops so that you can get an inside look at the world of perfumes.

Karen is offering a 5 day intensive perfumery masterclass from the 9th-13th of September, perfect for perfume enthusiasts. Each day is devoted to a different fragrance family: Citrus, Floral, Chypre, Fougere, Oriental, and Modern Abstracts. You will look at an iconic selection of fragrances from each family, and learn exactly what ingredients create these scents. You will also learn about how to play up the base notes and end up creating your very own fragrance each day! This course is perfect for anyone deeply interested in the world of fragrance, as it is a bit of an investment at £800, but you will have the skill and the knowledge for life. Karen also offers one day and weekend workshops that are less in depth, but more of an overview of the world of perfumes. They cover topics like ‘training your nose’ and ‘practical blending techniques’. These day and weekend courses range between £150 and £350.


If you are interested in booking one of these perfumery classes with Karen Gilbert, visit her website for all related information and booking. These classes will make a perfect gift for a loved one, or if you are perfume fanatic, this is a lovely treat for yourself.

If you are inspired by Karen to learn more about perfumes, Harrods are currently running masterclasses, talks and consultations with famous perfumers. Christine Nagel will be revealing her new perfume for Jo Malone on Tuesday 3rd September 3pm-5pm, entry will cost £50. Linda Pilkington will be running a perfume making competition where she will pick the best fragrance( winning you a bottle of champagne) on Wednesday 4th September 3pm-5pm, costing £40. On Thursday 5th September at 8pm, Thierry Wasser will be conducting a Q&A session for Guerlain, entry is £40. Finally on Friday 6th September 12pm-4.30pm, Michel Almairac will be giving a talk about the creation of the signature scent for Chloé, entry is £20. If you would like more information about these events and to book, please call 020 7730 1234.

Grab a New Scent for Summer from Rouge Bunny Rouge

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Rouge Bunny Rouge is a Moscow-London based company that believes everything in life should have a touch of whimsy. We here at The Amazing Blog completely agree, which is why their products spoke to us so much. In addition to luxury cosmetics that all have an air of opulence and romance, Rouge Bunny Rouge has extended their impressive range to include a number of delicately crafted perfumes.


The scent I chose was ‘Chatoyant’, which I must say is absolutely wonderful. It is warm and inviting, with a bit of citrus at the start, followed by very obvious orchid and sandalwood notes.  There is a hint of vanilla throughout, but it is just enough and not terrifyingly sweet. It is as described by Rouge Bunny Rouge, ‘strange and yet familiar’. I know I have smelled the notes before, but not in such a wonderful composition. Many will love this scent. It is unique and yet very wearable; incredibly feminine, but mysterious at the same time. Also, it does not come off too strong, making it very appropriate for the day at work as well as special occasions.


‘Chatoyant’ eau de parfum retails at £83.30 for 50ml or 1.69 fl oz. It can be purchased on the Rouge Bunny Rouge website. In addition to Chatoyant, the company offers three other fragrances: ‘Incantation’, ‘Lilt’, and ‘Vespers’. Each scent has it’s own unique notes and personality, so to speak. If you can’t decide on one, Rouge Bunny Rouge offers a gift set with trial sizes of each. Rouge Bunny Rouge has some of the most luxurious and unique scents available; perfect for a gift or just a new scent for yourself, so go on and get a little fragrance magic into your routine!

Take A Vacation to Istanbul with Lokum Colognes

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If there is one thing we really can’t get enough of here at The Amazing Blog, its perfumes and colognes. It could possibly be that there are just so many great scents out there in the world of fragrance, and it could also be that we just love trying new ones and searching for that signature scent. A new company we became aware of is Lokum Istanbul, and we were lucky enough to get to try out two of their colognes.


Zeynep Keyman, the brand’s creator wanted to unveil a collection of Eau de Colognes that were all ‘reminiscent of the Ottoman Empire’.  We received the travel size colognes Gardens of Babylon, which is a rich jasmine scent just like walking past a jasmine bush, and Mediterranean Sun, which has a sweet orange fragrance. They are crafted from the highest quality plants, and the bottle is sleek in design. Whether you choose spice or zest, these are sure to be a wonderful addition to any fragrance collection. Also, they are perfect to carry in a bag as they are travel sized at 50 ml. The smells are potent, but lovely. Quite pure in origin, they smell exactly as described and last quite a while on the skin. Lokum Istanbul also offers a range of non travel sized colognes that have more blended scents, but I think these travel sizes are perfect for summer with their pure nature.


If you are interested in an exotic fragrance destination to Turkey, you can purchase the Lokum Istanbul Cologne on their website and also at the Bluebird shop on Kings Road. The travel sizes retail at £11.00 for 50 ml and the full 200 ml sizes at £28.00 each.

Ancienne Ambiance – Luxury Goddess Soap Collection

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As many of our daily readers know, we at The Amazing Blog love writing about small natural and organic brands. Already familiar with Ancienne Ambiance and their natural Candles, you can imagine we were quite excited to receive their new Luxury Goddess Soap Collection. And after opening the box, we were certain we would not be disappointed.


Inside the box were two individually wrapped Goddess Soap Bars that instantly caught everyone’s noses by surprise as a delightful lavender scent filled the air. Similar to their candles, Ancienne Ambiance offers wide variety of blends to choose from. While my personal favourite has to be the Lavendula, their other fragrances include Rose, Jasmine, Honey, Almond Milk and Argan. And top tip, put a just single bar in your wardrobe to rid any pesky bugs and keep your clothes smelling fresh – I recommend it. Each blend smells delightful but the unique ingredients of Ancienne Ambiance truly separate their soaps from other brands. Each 100mg bar is made from a natural vegetable oil base specifically derived from coconut oil. The natural Glycerine from the coconut oil is combined with Shea Butter to provide extra vitamins to moisturise the skin. And the whole formula is completely free from parabens, synthetic materials and harmful chemicals.


Ancienne Ambiance says the Goddess Soap bars are perfect for daily use on both your face and body – I cannot disagree. Even after just washing my hands, I found my skin feeling soft and silky. So let your body and skin indulge in these natural soap bars. Their website offers a 3 bar soap gift set for £16 as well as a complete gallery of all their soap collections.

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